The Laumayer Group

As a medium-sized, owner-operated business enterprise, Laumayer KG is one of the industry’s leading service providers in South America. We market and sell capital goods, primarily drive and conveyor technology, as well as electrical components, spare parts and accessories. We also offer customers a wide range of on-site services. The product portfolio consists of high-quality products from leading German and European manufacturers for industrial plant construction.

Our customers and suppliers benefit from our decades of experience in the South American emerging markets and our extensive network of local partners. This enables us to guarantee fast reaction times, smooth processing and prompt installation.

We operate independently from producers and work solely in the interests of our customers. In addition, we work for our customers as central technical buyers for the European market. This bundles and optimises your purchasing activities.

Our customers and suppliers benefit from our deep knowledge of the North and Central African growth markets and our partner network on site. We maintain close business contacts with Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, and Cameroon. Through our local sales cooperation, we can ensure smooth transactions and delay-free installation.

Laumayer is a supplier for industrial companies of all sizes, from small assembly companies to major industrial groups in diverse sectors. We focus on key economic industries whose operational readiness is of national importance, such as:

• Cement works • Oil and gas industry  
• Steel producers • Mines  
• Aluminium refineries • Water treatment plants  
• Food sector • Electricity and power plants  
• Petrochemistry    

The Laumayer Group is managed from Hamburg. This German port and trading metropolis provides ideal conditions for export throughout the world. The employees are the contact people for European suppliers and manufacturers and the link to partners and customers in North and Central Africa.

The Laumayer Group employs around 130 employees worldwide. Our team includes technical consultants and commercial experts specialised in the respective target markets. We also have experienced mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as technicians who have extensive product expertise and understanding of the technical requirements of our customers.

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